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Firmly believing that two heads are better than one, We Are Tobin are a London based director duo comprised of Tobias Rothwell and Martin Jarrett.


With Toby’s background in camera and lighting and Martin’s in editing and animation, the pair have a unique offering which has seen them work across a wide range of projects, from TikToks to Comedy Docs. 


This combined skill-set allows them to approach their work with a robust plan and level headed attitude, backed with the relevant knowledge and experience needed to get the job done.


On top of this, their ambition to explore new ways of doing things and push creativity wherever possible, has resulted in a catalogue of work which is both fresh and exciting.  If they’re not sure how to do something, they’ll test it. If they have an idea, they’ll make it.


Toby and Martin are 'people people', and strong communicators. They’re approachable, and like to work collaboratively with their crew and clients.  They can articulate their ideas, and discuss how to achieve them.


With a constant view on the bigger picture, We Are Tobin are a director duo who pay close attention to the smaller details, which are often key elements of their work to make the largest impact. 

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